Mission of General Manager SouthWest Europe

Start up sales activities for SouthWest Europe

The company

A Finnish industrial group specialized in the infrastructures of telecommunication has its division Display Products in full expansion. Its leader's position on European markets Scandinavia and Central Europe induce them to open the countries of the SouthWest Europe.

Some figures of the group at this periode :

Object of the mission

In France, in the Benelux and in the Iberian Peninsula the division was not present. It was a question of creating the SouthWest Europe head quarter in France with a local presence in every countries and of setting up the sales network in these markets.

The business plan with its actions plan and tools of piloting has built with a short term vision in association with the Vice President Global Sales and Marketing and the President of the division in Finland :


After 9 months

After 2 years, Results were above the objectives


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